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Here is a link to the Travel Channel’s show “Park Secrets” featuring Tellico Grains Bakery



Tennessee Crossroads came to town:


The secret to Tellico Grains Bakery croissants:


How the oven works:



  • Michelle Wall says:

    Hello there,

    My husband and I were in town over the weekend celebrating our 13th Honeymoon and discovered your wonderful bakery. I loved everything about the location, building and what you guys have established there. Years as a fly-fisher of the Tellico River and it tributaries make me appreciate you even more knowing how starved the area was for an establishment such as this!! The cabin we rented provided one of your creations that we enjoined to the very last crumb and the breads I purchased for sandwich making we’re delightful!

    I was so impressed with the cranberry pecan bread I finished this morning. I ate it plain but toasted with my coffee and marveled at how “stand-alone good” it was, not overly sweet like so many deli/bakery breads I’ve purchased elsewhere. (Previously, I’d lightly toasted and spread homemade apple butter over the slices. With other breads this would have made it too sweet for my tastes from all the sugar already added into the baked product…). This realization caused me want to do a little research so I looked up your website. Sure enough, no sugar, just natural flavor. ( THANK YOU! ) After going through the site and seeing the videos not only did it make me want to jump in the car and drive straight there for more culinary delights but I was even more impressed by you folks than before! Your work ethic, the old-style of baking…. ( I could go on and on!!).

    You guys have built a treasure and a legacy that is so unique for this day and time. Your girls may not realize it now, but the proud stories they’ll tell in the future of their parents and how their hard work paid off in dividends will be awe inspiring to all, I’m sure!
    Alas, I do have just one complaint…: You are a few hours away!! Looks like we’re going to have to move there now that we’re ‘in the know’ about Tellico Grains! ( I love the play on words in the name, quite clever.)
    Keep up the excellence!

    See you guys soon!

    Michelle ( “Chatt-town” )

    P.S. We have some friends in Europe we visit and they are instrumental in giving us a special appreciation for fine breads. Your authentic baking style brings me back to my fresh daily-baked bread happy place!!

  • Arleen Vincent says:

    We had your Oat bread: crusty and tender at the same time at Citico. Can we get information about the flour and other ingredients that made us love it so?

    Arleen Vincent

  • Angela Sanabia says:

    We have bought goodies from you since you first opened and have never been dissapointed. I love your new website, really outstanding. I’m also very happy to see that you are now serving pizzas all week. Very smart move.

    Please accept our compliments and gratitude for all the great food you serve.

    hugs and prayers

  • Scott Moore says:

    The cherry turnovers are to die for. We live in Charleston, SC and have them shipped to us- they are that good. Nice job.

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